Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Koralia Nano & Evolution Pumps - Preorder Now

PREORDER - order now and get in line for these new exciting pumps. Your card will not be charged until the order is ready to ship and you can change or cancel the order up until time of shipping. Preordering ensures you have a guaranteed spot in line.

Koralia Evolution is an improved Koralia with higher flow and lower power consumption than traditional Koralia. The Koralia Evolution may be used on wave timers. The Koralia Evolution incorporates a re-designed shaft-less impeller system for wide and gentle water flow.

  • Energy Saving: 50% less power consumption
  • Higher efficiency up to 20% more water flow then previous models
  • New Smaller Design
  • Controllable - can be connected to a timer
  • Exclusive patented magnet-suction cup mounting support
  • New Shaft Less Impeller Technology (evo models only)
  • Unique Impeller Design, wide and gentle flow


  • Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Ultralife Grounding Probe Titanium 1/8" rod w 10ft connecting lead and eyelet

    Stray voltage in the aquarium can be attributed to causing various problems. Problems such as: fin-rot, hole-in-the-head disease and numerous others. The 'Ultra Ground' Titanium Grounding Probe by Ultralife can help eliminate these distressing problems. These probes feature a SOLID Titanium rod, insulated transition joint and 10ft of grounding lead to insure proper performance. Don't take a chance on having stray voltage in your aquarium.

    Ultralife Ultrazone bulb-style ozone generators

    Ozone is by far the best way to boost your water quality. The Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators clean up aquarium water by removing unwanted organic decay, proteins and pollutants. By eliminating harmful organics, ozone increases the longevity of all marine life. The Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators manufacture ozone by passing oxygen molecules over a specially designed light source. The active oxygen creates superior water quality providing aquarium inhabitants with a clean environment for living and reproducing. Both the Ultrazone Mini and Ultrazone 360 are praised by hobbyists and professionals for their safety, performance and low maintenance. These generators do not require air dryer as is the case with other ozone generators.

    The ozone bulb and bulb chamber have been designed for easy user replacement. The ozone bulb for Ultrazone Mini will supply over 9000 hours of uninterrupted service. The Ultrazone 360 has an internal air switching circuit that allows for an extended bulb life of approximately 18000 hours. The 360 also features a high / low switch for maximum efficiency. Ultrazone Mini can be used with an aquarium up to 125 gal. Ultrazone 360 model can be used with an aquarium up to 600 gal.

    Note: Inlet is the fitting closest to the power cord.
    Ultralife Ultrazone Mini 200 mg bulb-style ozone generator
    Ultralife Ultrazone 360 mg bulb-style ozone generator
    UZMINI replacement bulb - 9000 hr life expectancy
    UZ360 replacement bulb - 18000 hr life expectancy
    Ozone safe check valve

    Ultralife X-Terminator Mantis shrimp trap

    Have fish started going missing in your tank? Do you hear that suspicious clicking coming from your live rock? Chances are, if you have live rock, you have hitchhikers like harmful mantis shrimp or crabs. This trap will help you get rid of these pests by using a release sensitivity adjustment to trap shrimp crabs inside. X-terminate the problem with the X-Terminator.

    Or If you have live rock in your aquarium, you may have introduced predatory hitchhikers like mantis shrimp or crabs to your tank. Cues are mysteriously missing fishes and strange clicking noises from the vicinity of your rocks. These pests can be difficult to remove without harming other organisms in your tank, especially sensitive reef tanks.

    The Xterminator trap uses a mechanism sensitive to the slightest movements to trap these tiny menaces without interfering with larger organisms. You can adjust the sensitivity mechanism to trap larger or smaller creatures, making the Xterminator useful for all sorts of pest control situations. Don't play around with the safety of your fishes! Xterminate.

    Install threaded sensitivity adjuster into the hole on top rear of trap.
    Set trap by gently releasing door latch on top of trap while pushing the door inward. Door will lock into place and remain open.

    The release sensitivity can be adjusted by turning adjuster clockwise (more sensitive) or counter-clockwise (less sensitive).
    Place bait (krill, freeze-dried foods, etc.) into rear of trap, making sure bait remains clear of trip panel. Place baited trap into aquarium, as close to home of unwanted creature as possible. The trap will now do the rest. To release shrimp from trap, push door open with pencil until it remains open. Turn trap upside down and allow shrimp to exit the trap.

    The X-Terminator is 1.5" x 5.5".
    Safe for freshwater and saltwater use.

    Ultralife Hair & Sludge Removal System

    STOP Pulling your Hair Out!!
    UltraLife Hair & Sludge Removal System

    Don't Let ugly 'Hair & Sludge' destroy the beauty and delicate balance of your marine or reef aquarium. Now you can finally remove that unsightly mess quickly from corals and invertebrates, without harm to fish, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, corals or reef inhabitants. Truly a product you should not be without.

    First Time Usage: Treats 50 Gallons
    For Maintenance Usage: Treats 200 Gallons

    Keep out of reach of children. For Aquarium use only.

    Net Weight 3 lbs (1362 grams)

    2010 VorTech Battery Backup

    EcoTech Marine Releases New Battery Backup
    In the quest to continually raise the bar for product excellence and customer experience, EcoTech Marine is pleased to announce the release of the all new EcoTech Marine Battery Backup™. Thanks to our loyal and rapidly expanding customer base, EcoTech Marine continues to grow its product line.

    Expanding our product line and in-sourcing our production and quality control is a natural step for us to take and one we hope is embraced by the reefing community. After an extensive period of engineering, the new EcoTech Marine Battery Backup is now shipping. “By bringing the Battery Backup accessory in-house, we can now better control the availability and final quality of this critical piece of reef tank insurance,” said Tim Marks, President of EcoTech Marine. “We thank IceCap for their support over the years and are pleased to take this critical step forward.”

    The Battery Backup also now comes with two spare cables, instead of just one allowing you to backup multiple VorTech propeller pumps or link batteries together for more run time. Additionally, we are utilizing a more powerful charger which allows for longer run-time, all while keeping the price for this accessory at its current level of $165.99 USD.

    Remember, it might take a typhoon to destroy a natural reef, but for our captive reefs it only takes a power outage.